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To ensure security and creating comfort, here are some requirements you must meet (as a Tenant) to use the car rental services that we offer.

1. Rental car must be paid in advance / Guarantees of Securities
2. Tenants must have a driver’s license (SIM A) / Copied.

  • ID Card
  • Copy of Family Card
  • 1 sheet pasphoto 3 x 4
  • 1 sheet of the Security Image

3. Tenants must be fully responsible for damages caused by an accident or loss and will be charged an additional fee if the vehicle is not able to operate or function as it is currently receiving a vehicle as original.
4. Minimum rental period is 24 hours and will costs Rp. 25,000 / hour if more than that.
5. Tenants are not allowed to sublet the vehicle to another person.
6. The tenant is forbidden to alter the vehicle, add or take away items in the vehicle.

  • Changing the Number of Police (Plate Vehicle)
  • Pawn the Rented vehicle

7. Tenants are prohibited from using the vehicle for a crime or bring prohibited items that are contrary to law, such as theft, robbery, carrying drugs, etc.
8. Tenants are prohibited from driving a vehicle under the influence of liquor / alcohol or drunk and the like.
9. If the above occurs, then the Global Auto to sue the force and resolve amicably if it can not be resolved then the zoya rental medan will resolve to the Medan District Court or the authorities.

• Please always enabled your Cell Phone.
• Just in time to avoid overtime costs.
• Please check the vehicle body prior to submission to the Global Auto.